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Value Proposition

Our greatest asset. Flare Consulting’s main objective is to generate value for their customers by implementing impactful sustainable growth strategies for our clients

01. Global experience. Local familiarity.

With experience in projects taking place in over 50 countries across the globe involving all stakeholders. FLARE’s unique position in the local market allows to leverage skills and knowledge to emerging economies 

02. Born regionally, grown with global reach 

Our current talent footprint reaches the United States, Latin America and Europe, facilitating a  direct contact with the local industry, as well as a regional presence with all of our clients.

03. One consulting firm. Every solution within reach.

Our consulting team uses it’s greatest strategic capabilities to support our clients’ needs in every area of their business. From strategy to execution and finance to operations, Flare Consulting is sure to deliver.

04. Ethics and Integrity in everything we do.

The projects associated with Flare Consulting usually have an elevated trust and confidentiality status which is respected and taken very seriously from the moment the project is initiated. Our greatest goal is that our advisory comes from a neutral and independent point of view.

The company’s organizational culture promotes an internal sense of excellence, technique and passion for the industry that we serve and the projects derived from it. Flare’s Consulting Team will join the client in the pursuit of finding the best solution for all their needs.

05. Commitment and Excellence in every project.
About Us

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