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Every sector is a whole different world. Our transversal capabilities allow us to offer a great variety of services within the Aviation and Airport  Industry. These are some of the most important sectors we serve and have global experience with.


Flare Consulting helps Airport Operators structure their growth, improve their business and optimize their operations.


We help Airlines define Aviation by today's standards by implementing better strategies, and the newest technology.

Air Cargo

Flare Consulting helps the Air Cargo Sector by redefining it’s infrastructural needs boosting its geographical and volume growth.

Airport Services

We help  businesses involved in handling fuel and MRO to broaden their horizons and secure their business within the sector.


Flare Consulting takes care of Investors interested in the sector by analyzing  and reducing risks and reassuring them about where their money is going.


We help public institutions worldwide to provide the necessary infrastructure to attract foreign investment, detonate economic growth and create regulations that will increase quality and efficiency.

About Us

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